Shadow Show

Choose between 2 shows or have a bespoke show curated for your event.
Performance 1 is called Evolve and is an exciting show based around our incredible capabilities, inventions and achievements throughout our history. Watch as the main character is taken on a journey to look back at what we’ve achieved!

Performance 2 is called Connect and is an uplifting show where we visit many different countries across the world! From the deserts and amazing skylines across the Middle East, to the architecture of Europe, the Great Wall of China and it’s ancient history, the Americas and even to Australia, New Zealand and beyond!
Set to uplifting soundtracks, your guests will absolutely love the shows and leave feeling exhilarated! Our audience reaction speaks for itself!

if you want your own unique story told, then a bespoke, one-off show can be designed especially for you.  We work with you to gain a good understanding of your concepts, ideas or narrative. We add a little magic and expertise to enhance your story. Then on your big day, perform a shadow show based entirely on your vision for your guests.

  • Bullet Point Production required
  • Bullet Point Power required

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