Sheba – Badge Caricaturist

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Our badge caricaturist can draw your caricature onto paper in full colour in just a couple of minutes. It is then professionally die-stamped into a glossy 77mm badge, fridge magnet or handbag mirror – a unique souvenir of any event!
(and a lot easier to look after during a raucous party!)

Sheba has worked successfully as a caricaturist for a long time and always has excellent feedback from our clients. Working onto A4 in black and white with grey half tones – no-one has to pose, she circulates round the crowds at your reception or across the tables during dinner producing a finished caricature in 3 or 4 minutes! Always a huge hit and Sheba also offers invites, ceramics, general caricature drawings, murals and bookmarks for a stunning twist on this most popular party entertainment.

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