Silent Disco

Silent Disco offers a wide range of options, each with a completely unique way for your guests to experience music. Your guests just pop on the high quality headphones, select a channel, set the volume to suit their preference and are immediately transported to a party where the music is in crystal clear stereo, at the perfect level for their ears regardless of where they are choosing to dance (even in the loos!).

Silent disco adds a unique, fantastic and fun element to your event where guests can select one of up to 3 channels of music to suit their mood or taste. It’s a great talking point and can be hilarious when some people are dancing to the latest pop hits, some are busting out the moves for ‘YMCA’! and others are moshing to Motorhead!

If you want something truly unique that your guests will be talking about well after the last dance then you really need to check out Silent Disco! Also perfect for noise restriction venues/locations

  • Bullet Point Production required
  • Bullet Point Power required
  • Bullet Point H&S restrictions apply

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