Silk Street Trad Jazz

Everyone involved with the Silk Street Trad Jazz is passionate about making your event a success by delivering a musical experience that is full of flair, excitement and enthusiasm.
Silk Street Trad Jazz formed back in 2003 as a new generation of early jazz band. They offer a fresh alternative to other forms of jazz entertainment. All of the band members are full-time professionals and some of the leading musicians in their field. They have recorded extensively for TV and Film, including programmes and commercials for the BBC and Channel 4, recording at both Abbey Road & Pinewood Studios. Appearances on ‘The F Word’, CBeebies ‘Zingzillas’ ‘Big Brother TV advert’ and the recent ‘More Th>n Feel the Love’ commercial has helped to raise the profile of the group. The band performs at hundreds of events each and every year, including weddings, private parties, funerals charity and corporate events.

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