Singing Waiters

Our unique Singing Waiters offer you and your guests a stunning performance, packed with surprise, music, laughter and song. Our performers blend in with the real staff at your event, wearing the same uniform and carrying out all the normal duties of a professional waiter: serving guests with witty charm and skill. We take on the role of totally convincing foreign waiters – in addition to being excellent singers our performers are also actors so expect impeccable accents and no-one will suspect a thing.

As your guests arrive our Singing Waiters will be in their role as catering staff serving reception drinks and canapes. We work right at the front line of service building a wonderful rapport with guests to ensure that the later surprise has maximum impact. Our act is suitable for any size of group and any venue. We use a minimum of three performers for our shows but we do also offer additional singers. They play their music live which usually allows us to perform unamplified to an audience of 100 guests or less. For a larger audience or when necessary we can provide full sound production for their performance.

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