This amazing troupe of percussionists create an incredible spectacle of sight and sound as they present their dynamic and exciting sets of highly choreographed performance. The players use all sorts of objects to fuse together driving arrangements played on ladders, traffic cones, cars, exhausts, wheels, windows and anything else they can get their hands on! Starting within the audience as waiting staff, audience members or security, the Slam! artists melt into the pre-show chitchat, serving or ensuring guest safety. The leading member of the team takes a well-timed fall and discovers the percussive possibilities of his spilled tray or broken ladder. And suddenly they turn the space into a vibrant, percussive experience.

The Slam! boys have been touring their show for the last 8 years all over the world. From motor shows in Korea to international conferences at Euro Disney. For private clients and organisations, the boys have played at the British Grand Prix Ball Silverstone, the European Festival of Media, Season opening Festival at Alexandria, Egypt, the Olympics and at the Variety Club ball.

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