Sophie Hackford

Sophie Hackford is a futurist, synthesising explosive and interconnected technology and science breakthroughs from around the world. From satellite swarms to AI demonstrating intuition, we are becoming entangled with machines and will be surprised by the consequences.

As part of her research, Hackford advises executive teams and boards of large companies on understanding new technologies defining the new economy.

Hackford is also founding CEO of a data and AI company, 1715 Labs, which she is currently working on out of the Astrophysics department at Oxford University . A first-hand witness to many of the latest innovations and the creative thinkers behind them, Sophie is a practised translator between academia, technologists, corporates and governments. Rather than providing answers, she challenges organisations to question themselves and reassess their core business. If cheap satellite technology allows you to watch your competitors’ supply chain from space, how will that affect what you do? What questions can you now ask, using these new technologies? Today your competition doesn’t look like you, and Sophie helps to uncover where the new threats and opportunities lie. With access to a global network of technologists, scientists, investors and inventors she helps any business start to prepare for an uncertain future.

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