Spark! is a medium-scale street theatre show performed by seven characters that combines high-impact drumming, dynamic choreography and beautiful lighting design. The performance combines static set-pieces, movement between sites and audience interaction. The performers constantly shift the focal point of the show and sometimes surround the audience completely so they feel immersed in the drama which unfolds. The show gradually builds in intensity culminating in a huge climax of light, sound and movement. Promotional photos used belong to Airborne Lens, Anthony Kwan, Chris Maines-Beasley, CJ Griffiths, Clive Penkett, Dan Brady, Darran Moore, Dave Charnley, Edward Lloyd Owen, Gareth Jones, Richard Kenworthy, Ritvars Pujats, Roberd C, Tempo Media, Tom Parkes, Tony Gill and Vale of Glamorgan Council.

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