Olympic Challenge

A fun and diverse super sports day to motivate teams with an energy boost!

Teams compete in a range of fun, Olympic themed challenges in order to win medals. Activities are varied to suit all skills and are not just physical! We’ve also added some mental gymnastics to give the brain a work out too! Challenges can include:

Team Sports

Space Hopper Polo – A favourite British game with a modern twist – the horses are now inflatable!

Mini-Bike Match Sprint – A cycling pursuit race like you’ve never seen before. This cycle match sprint is held on the silliest little bikes you’ve ever seen!

Physical Vs Mental

School Races – Teams compete in school race favourites such as the sack race and egg and spoon race.

Mental Gymnastics – Teams must give their brains a work out in order to solve our giant slide puzzle.

Track and Field

Go with the Throw – Teams compete in our furiously frustrating but hugely entertaining Ping-Pong Shot Put, Paper Plate Discus and Floppy Foam Javelin. They won’t go very far, no matter how hard you throw them, but it still makes for a funny spectacle watching people try.

Dummy High Jump – The high jump, but not as we know it! Teams must work together and co-ordinate their movements in order to launch the lifesize dummy highjumper over the bar!

Winter Sports

Bobsleigh – Due to lack of snow, teams must complete the bobsleigh course by moving the sledge along the course using rollers!

Team Slalom – Teams synchronise their movements and master the art of walking on the team skis before completing an obstacle course.

Location: Outdoors

Participants:10 – 200 + (Suggested team size 5 – 8 guests per team)

Duration: 2½ – 3 hours

Venue Requirements: 1 hour set up time and Non-grass area for mini bikes (concrete or indoor)

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