Tom Ward

Alright? Tom Ward here, stand up comedian. Comedy is my one true love – I leave my phone on at night in case she calls, and I’ll always take her back even though my friends warn me against her.

In August 2018 I took my third show to Edinburgh Festival (‘Popcorn Lung’). Gosh what a thing to put yourself through. Got a 5* review (obviously).
Here’s some achievement related stuff ‘cos I know you people like that sort of thing… I am official tour support for Joe Lycett (off the telly) in 2018.
In 2017 I won the Chortle Best Newcomer Award, which made me extraordinarily happy.
In 2016 I featured on Comedy Central’s ‘Live at the Comedy Store’, and BBC Worldwide’s ‘Live From The BBC’, as well as performing my first solo show at Edinburgh Festival – ‘Sex, Snails and Cassette Tapes’ – at The Pleasance Courtyard.

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