Virtual Terrarium Making Workshop

Guests join our expert plant geek and escape to his virtual tropical garden! Together we will then bring a bit of nature indoors by creating a “jarden” – living garden in a jar!

We’ll post out kits in advance of the e-event containing everything needed. Guests will receive a jar, gravel, soil, tools and everything they need to create their terrarium, as well as a selection of exotic plants.

After a demonstration and some fascinating facts about the history of terrariums and how they work, guests get their hands dirty!

Hosted by our expert jardener, guests will be guided through each step from planting techniques, how to build each layer and how to look after the terrarium afterwards so that the plants can thrive and eventually take care of themselves! They will learn how each layer contributes to the overall wellbeing of this self-sustainable eco-system.

We’ll also give the playful guests among the group ideas on how to embelish their terariums to create their own jardeners world! They can find things around the house such as mini figures or can go on a scavenger hunt on their daily walk to forage for mosses, pebbles and twigs.

Under the right conditions, a perfectly balanced closed terrarium could last a lifetime, making them a much more eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers. (The longest known terrarium has lasted on it’s own for 53 years!)

At the end of the activity, guests can present their terrariums and, as an optional competitive element, we can judge a winner and send out a prize in the post.

Location: Hosted online on Zoom

Participants: Up to 100

Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Duration: 1 hour

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