Evo Hair Anti Normal Campaign

A Dystopian Setting For A Particularly Unorthodox Marketing Campaign

Working underneath the Fabulous Collective Full Circle provided the set build and design for the EVO hair brand’s 2 days activation at the iconic BEAT club in London’s West End.

The inspiration for this product activation was their current marketing credentials, which follows a 90s/ 00s retro-tech look with a focus on experiential installations. We supplied three immersive areas to captivate the guests attention and bathed the venue in red lights to transform the venue’s atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from their current brand deck, the design team bought to life prop led displays including abandoned shopping trolleys crushing blond wigs, stacks of retro TV sets and PVC butchers curtains emblazoned with the words…DONT BUY IT DONT BUY IT.

because beauty is abundant,
not in a bottle.
Step into our reality, where the unconventional
is the conventional.

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