Gin Mare Rooftop Series

London edition of Gin Mare's Mediterranean Rooftop Series

Gin Mare, a luxury Mediterranean gin brand, hosts a series of rooftop summer parties across the world at some of the most exclusive and beautiful rooftop bars. The aim of these parties is to promote the gin and educate industry professionals on the gin’s heritage.

 Fullcircle were behind the creative branding and production for the exclusive two-day rooftop party at its London venue, Pavilion 25 in Kensington. The client, Cask Liquid Marketing, wanted to create a cool and sophisticated Mediterranean atmosphere, which reflected the brand’s heritage.

Uniting the different botanical stars around the Mediterranean sea such as lemon groves, olives, thyme, basil and rosemary, the FC design team created a rustic whitewashed Mediterranean haven in which guests were invited to enjoy a multi-sensory gin-tasting experience. This included all theming and dressing at the rooftop venue, and a sound system install for famous Ibiza DJ John Jackobson.

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