The Hippy Hippy Shake

Crusha's Professor Mixology’s Mischievous Adventure

The goal… To revitalise the Crusha brand in the UK and introduce the classic trademark to a younger audience. In keeping with the Crusha brand’s 50-year heritage, we worked on the brief for Clive Agency to build and tour the retro milkshake bar come laboratory. This consisted of a 4-metre wide bar bedecked with on brand pink vinyls, test tube shakers and flocked telephones surrounded by bespoke white and pink furniture for the taster lounge. The Crusha product was displayed on shelving units for people to admire and enjoy

The bar itself was staffed by FullCircle’s very own, helping children (and adults!) to create weird and wonderful milkshake concoctions and ensuring quality and continuity of service to really push across the brand’s message through bespoke milk shake creations

The public even had a chance to meet the famous Errol the cat!

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