The Pavilion at The Tower of London

Working alongside our friends at 'The Ultimate' to produce an amazing structure in an iconic setting

2018 was a big year for our Tower project with more award shows taking place each season for both new and repeating clients. This venue’s historical grounds attract a variety of events, from Graduation Balls, Gala Dinners, Football Screenings to Award Shows and Wrap Parties, to name a few.

This is a project that takes months of planning due primarily to its unusual location inside the moat. The customary loading options do not apply, as everything can only enter the moat by crane or telehandler, which poses a few logistical challenges. Each season adds a new unexpected challenge; this year we have had to contend with extreme winds and sink holes on the main road in.

Whilst inside these prestigious grounds we need to be mindful of the public who have travelled from around the world to see this landmark and to be respectful of both our hosts and surroundings within the Historical Royal Palace. We endeavour to keep a clean site and professional manners and practices at all times, even offering a few directions to the tourists in the area!

The Production Manager is responsible for supplying power to the entire marquee, as well as lighting, audio and video for the install and each event that takes place. This covers everything from loading bay lighting to projecting gobos on to the Tower wall and visual stings for the stage. Our audio equipment gives us our background music in each of the rooms, plenty of microphones and something a little meatier for the dance floor to get the guests on their feet.

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